1/7/16  The PAIN

Man, the doc was right.  Woke up this morning, took one step, and nearly fell over.  That was some EXTREME soreness.  I’ve got a pretty good tolerance for pain, but that was ridiculous.  So, percocet, it was, and I hobbled off to work.  Nothing like having to explain the limp every half hour.  Hopefully, this subsides in a few days.

1/6/16  Unexpected Progress

So I went into the medicine clinic, expecting to set a date for a PRP injection.  The appointment went about as I expected – the doc listened to my history, and the different treatments and physical therapy regimens I’ve had.  He agreed that the PRP injection is the way to go.  He left to set the appointment up, and then something unexpected happened….

He came back in, said his next appointment cancelled, and asked if I just wanted to knock out the procedure right then.  Knowing that this was probably the first time in the history of healthcare systems, I agreed.

Within a half hour, my blood was drawn and put through the centrifuge.  The injection process sucked.  The initial injection wasn’t bad, but even though it was a single shot, the doc moved the needle from point to point within the tendon.  It was like getting about 20 different shots.  Damn painful.  But for the greater good, right?

The pain ratcheted up right after the procedure was done.  As I limped out of the office, the doc told me that the next few days would be pretty bad, in terms of soreness.  Given the discomfort I was feeling right afterwards, I figured I’d need the percocet he prescribed.

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