What to do with unwanted down time?

So I can’t run right now.  Since it’s early in the year, I feel like I should be developing my annual plan, but I have no idea when I’ll be back on the road.  I don’t think the last treatment on the Achilles (PRP injection) went well enough to be optimistic, so I suspect more is in store on that front.  More treatments, more down time.

So, now what?  By this time, I’ve usually got my entire race calendar set up for the summer and fall, and a training schedule to get me there.  But after a couple of years’ worth of either running races on minimal preparation or not running them at all due to injury, I’m through spending money on entry fees until I know I’m ready.

race wall
That void?  Right where my race calendar and goals would be…. 😦


I’m still doing light training.  Some swimming, some biking, and subbing elliptical for running just to keep some kind of cardio base.  But I’m at a loss as what else to be doing.

I guess I could add some days to work on core strength.  I could always work on sighting, since that’s my biggest weak spot during open water swimming.

It’s tough being at the drawing board with no goal to chase!

2 thoughts on “What to do with unwanted down time?

    1. Thanks – me too!

      My frustration level is high, as I still have big dreams. I’ve got two major “complete the race” goals (an ultra and a half-ironman).

      Best of luck with treatments on the neuroma. I’ve seen that the cure rates on that are fairly high!


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