The family that tris together…

Manassas Super Sprint

Just signed up the family for the Summer Super Sprint Triathlon in Manassas, Va.

For my wife and daughter, it will mark their first venture into triathlon.  I chose this event mainly because it features a pool swim instead of an open-water one.  It was my experience that the open water was the most daunting part of my first one, so I figured I’d make it easier for them.  Also, the distances for the super sprint are VERY short, so this will give them a taste of multisport, without it being overwhelming.

I’m sure both will be able to handle it with ease.  My daughter is a competitive swimmer, and runs a little, but has never really gotten on a bike for anything but a casual ride.  My wife is an experienced runner who occasionally swims and rides for recreation.  For them, this will be a great introductory event – a gateway.

For me, it’ll be a training event – a perfect way to test out my rehab a few months down the line.  I probably won’t be able to hit the road for another two months, but being able to do other cardio until that point should make training easier.

The best part about the event being in Manassas  is that it’ll only be about an hour away from home, so no road trip will be necessary – gotta love that!

Distances:  400yd pool swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run

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