Quick update

foot exercisesSo, I started running again (finally) last week.  All in all, the Achilles seems to be tolerating it reasonably well.  It’s still a bit sore on the following day, but nothing that can’t be handled.

The soreness is a little disturbing to me, as I wonder what will happen as I slowly start to increase mileage.  Continue reading “Quick update”

For the first time in months, I ran.

IMG_1444In past years, running a mile wouldn’t even warrant an entry on my daily log.  It’d be a warmup, and go unrecorded.  How times change!

Yesterday, I spent eight minutes, 35 seconds on the treadmill, sandwiched between brisk half-mile walks for warmup/cooldown.  Barely enough to break a sweat, but just enough to make me want more. Continue reading “For the first time in months, I ran.”

My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!

swim lanesTrying to get myself back onto a regular training schedule.  With winter being over, snowboarding will no longer dominate my weekends.  The Achilles seems to be willing, after many months off the roads.  I’ve been doing light cardio all winter, in an attempt to maintain some kind of base, and have recently made it a point to get more than one pool session in each week.

Yesterday, I ramped up the effort level a bit, pushing myself hard in a set of two 500s, with pool running and kickboard in between.  (It’s a start….)  Continue reading “My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!”

Working on a summer/fall race schedule

Things are starting to look up.  The Achilles is finally showing signs of improvement – so much so that I’m tentatively starting to schedule some events for the summer and the fall.  Hopefully, a doctor’s approval will help cement that, both officially and in my head. Continue reading “Working on a summer/fall race schedule”