Working on a summer/fall race schedule

Things are starting to look up.  The Achilles is finally showing signs of improvement – so much so that I’m tentatively starting to schedule some events for the summer and the fall.  Hopefully, a doctor’s approval will help cement that, both officially and in my head.

At this point, I still have no intention of making any of these things into actual “races” in the sense of going all-out to prepare and execute, but that could change.  I’m still at least a month away from getting back on the pavement, but am staying fit from a cardio standpoint.  For now, the intent is to get back on the road (or treadmill) and get some distance behind me.  Once that hurdle is cleared, I can get back to the business of chasing PRs.

I’m hoping to be able to add a 10k-type event somewhere in the July/August timeframe, and possibly another tri, either a sprint or an Olympic-distance sometime in September/October.

But after four months of down time, just hitting the pavement again will be a welcome improvement.  It’s just great to even be considering a fuller schedule!

run sked.JPG

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