For the first time in months, I ran.

IMG_1444In past years, running a mile wouldn’t even warrant an entry on my daily log.  It’d be a warmup, and go unrecorded.  How times change!

Yesterday, I spent eight minutes, 35 seconds on the treadmill, sandwiched between brisk half-mile walks for warmup/cooldown.  Barely enough to break a sweat, but just enough to make me want more.

Two months after a PRP injection into my right Achilles, things aren’t quite back to normal.  I’m still sore in the mornings, and after sitting for long periods of time.  It’s still tender to the touch, and doesn’t feel quite right.  I still dread the pinch test.  But I’ve got clearance to start running again.  That’s all that matters.

I’ve maintained my cardio over the past months by biking and swimming, so only going a mile and stopping is an exercise in frustration, as I know I am capable of so much more.  I feel like I’m on a very unforgiving leash.

But I have to stay disciplined, and take it slow.  One mile at a time for a week, then two, then three.  Stay off the hills.  No speed workouts.  I’ll check progress in a month, and re-evaluate then.

Hopefully that single mile was the warmup to bigger and better things!

One thing I know:  It was an 8:35 slice of heaven.

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