Study: Live to Run or Run to Live?

Long_Distance_RunningAs more and more of us face the cubicle world all day long, is it any wonder that we long for the freedom running down an open road or a wooded trail, with our thoughts wandering to a happy place instead of being terminally distracted by technology?  It’s about freedom, in a way.  Society and the workplace are becoming more restrictive, so it’s natural to seek freedom where we can.  But is it more than that? Continue reading “Study: Live to Run or Run to Live?”

Ice, ice, baby!

So after Wednesday’s Achilles flareup, I halted strength work on the lower legs.  The intent was to give the area that flared up a few days to recuperate before making a decision on how to move forward.  I didn’t do anything on it Thursday (way too sore – limped all day), and started daily light stretches and ice baths on Friday.

Ice, ice, baby (too cold, too cold)

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Limping into work again….

achilles-tendonitis-1Yep – I’m limping into work again.  Of course, that only means one thing:  my effin’ Achilles is acting up again.

After two months on the shelf, I started running again about a month ago.  I took a very reasonable and conservative approach to it.  I started at one mile, and didn’t add distance until I completed that distance three times.  I ran no more than three times a week, and often only twice.  The speed was comfortable, but enough to break a healthy sweat. Continue reading “Limping into work again….”

Product Review: Yurbuds Focus

yurbuds focus
Yurbuds Focus:  $28.50

I’ll open this review by saying that I’ve always had problems finding earphones (especially earbuds) that stay put while I’m running.  In fact, for many years, I had been relegated to over-the-ear models because I simply couldn’t find a model that would comfortably stay in place.  It didn’t matter what size earpiece I fitted to the buds – they were coming out one or two miles into a run.

That little problem ended with the Yurbuds Focus. Continue reading “Product Review: Yurbuds Focus”