Product Review: Yurbuds Focus

yurbuds focus
Yurbuds Focus:  $28.50

I’ll open this review by saying that I’ve always had problems finding earphones (especially earbuds) that stay put while I’m running.  In fact, for many years, I had been relegated to over-the-ear models because I simply couldn’t find a model that would comfortably stay in place.  It didn’t matter what size earpiece I fitted to the buds – they were coming out one or two miles into a run.

That little problem ended with the Yurbuds Focus.  These have an attachment that runs over and behind the ear, and a shaped bud that molds into the ear, keeping it in place.  With four runs under my belt with this model, they have yet to fall out, or even need minor adjusting.  I simply put them in and run without issue.

Out of the box, they fit well, with the shaped earpieces slipping right into my earholes.  The rest of the behind-the-ear construction was a little stiff while putting them on for the first time, but once in place, they felt fine.  The headphones are lightweight, and despite the fact that they look heavy, they aren’t.  It may be the behind-the-ear design that distributes the weight.  Either way, once on, they didn’t feel any heavier than standard earbuds.

The sound quality was adequate – while the range didn’t blow me away, I didn’t notice any dropoff in the highs and lows.  The seal was good – I was “at one” with my tunes, but they still allowed some ambient noise, which is key when you hit the roads.  There was no transfer of body motion or “bouncing” sounds in the buds, either – the way it should be.

The price ($28.50 on Amazon) was a little higher than some of the other earbud-style models out there, but I was willing to fork over a little extra for the chance that they wouldn’t fall out or require constant fidgeting, leaving me to concentrate on the task at hand.

The cord is more than long enough for my height (5-9).  The split in the wire was a little lower than you’d expect, and I was a little disappointed that the headphones do not feature a slide to adjust that.

The Bottom Line:  If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that won’t fall out, the Yurbuds Focus is your model.  They stay in place with no pinching or discomfort.  The sound quality is solid but unspectacular.

At some point in the future, I will definitely give their wireless model a try!

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