Ice, ice, baby!

So after Wednesday’s Achilles flareup, I halted strength work on the lower legs.  The intent was to give the area that flared up a few days to recuperate before making a decision on how to move forward.  I didn’t do anything on it Thursday (way too sore – limped all day), and started daily light stretches and ice baths on Friday.

Ice, ice, baby (too cold, too cold)

After two days of that, the Achilles is feeling better, although the area still seems a bit tight.  The morning soreness is way down – almost none today.

More light stretching today, and another ice bath tonight, and I’ll get back to the gym tomorrow.  It’ll be a swim/elliptical day, and I’ll delay getting back on the treadmill until Wednesday.

With any luck, this is just a minor thing, and not a major setback.  Either way, it confirms one thing:  I have to find more ways to loosen up my calves, or this will be an ongoing issue!

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