Counting the hours until my next run

Clock-300x300I’m normally not a clock-watcher.  But in an effort to let my Achilles calm down after the last bout of pain, I’ve not run in 12 days, and today’s the day.  Just a few hours to go.

As always – discipline is my watchword.  I’ve been doing my stretching, although I’ve laid off the strength work since the flare-up.

Today will be a simple 3-miler.  I will not push the pace at all – nothing faster than 8:30.


If only I could just run without all the stupid thoughts that rehabbing runners everywhere always have swirling around in their subconscious.

I just want to run without doubt, without that lingering fear.

*sigh*  One day, I’ll get there.

Plan.  Persist.  Prevail.




5 thoughts on “Counting the hours until my next run

  1. Brittany Tomaszewski

    Oh, I feel this. I’m still trying to figure out what is wrong with my feet. I’ve gotten one mile in (doctor’s orders), and it was awful. Good luck on your run!! Hopefully it’s better than mine!


    1. It was a glass-half-empty kind of run. The Achilles tightened up right around 1.5 miles (of course it happened at the turnaround). It was livable for most of the way back – I just focused on making sure my landings were soft on the midsole.

      I’ve done the icebath for both legs, from the calves down. I suspect I’ll be limping a bit tomorrow.

      The good news is that the pain never rose from the dull discomfort to the searing pain…so there’s that.


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