Just registered for the Army Ten Miler


Yep – went ahead and registered.  Injuries and all.

Call it habit.  Call it optimism.  Call it bull-headed determination.  Call it denial.

Call it what you will…I don’t care.  I’m going to do it, and get through it.  It may not result in the kind of time I’d like to see, but it’s getting done.

I’m still rehabbing (again), and the setbacks are starting to mount.  Fortunately, I’ve got an appointment with the doc in a couple of weeks, and we’ll chart a way forward.

Either way, I’ll be hitting the capitol’s streets October 9.  Hopefully, it’ll be running.


2 thoughts on “Just registered for the Army Ten Miler

    1. That’s where I am these days. With more time logged on the shelf than on the trails over the past two years, just finishing without injury would be acceptable.

      That said, I’ve always been an intense competitor, even if it’s just against the clock. Let me tell you…it’s so hard to keep that in check!

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