Word Association

One of the things I had to do at work today was come up with a word cloud, filled with words that describe an annual awards program my organization handles.  The cloud will be the anchor of an upcoming marketing program.  Not a hard task, once the research is done, but it got me to thinking.

A word cloud would identify the main themes of this blog.  I mean, the real themes.

So I got to cutting and pasting all the entries I’ve posted, going back to September.  The results were somewhat as expected, but I definitely have identified some words and phrases I use on a regular basis.

word cloud

What is perhaps the most surprising to me is that the word “injuries” wasn’t one of the biggest words in the cloud, even though I see it as the dominating theme in my running life over the last three years.

Just goes to show that how we see ourselves isn’t always how others (in this case, a diagramming program) see us!

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