Scheduling workouts – stop the madness!

I often find that my biggest challenge really isn’t getting out the door.  Most of the time, I’m fully motivated, and follow through.  What *really* throws me off is a constantly changing schedule.

I typically prefer to work out in the afternoon, right after work.  It gives the to opportunity to break up the hours of my day that have been spent sitting on my butt.  It also lets me blow off steam before going home, which has the added benefit of shielding the family from workplace issues.

Of course, life gets in the way.  My daughter has swim practice, and I’ve got to get her there and back, which prevents me from really getting a quality session in during the week.  I can do intensity, but not distance.  Of the three triathlon disciplines, I can do one, maybe two on a weekday.  This week the start time from those practices changed from 6:30 to 5:30, which completely takes away the ‘after work’ runs.  Oh yeah, and I’m still waiting to see what the wife’s class schedule will look like in the fall….

calendarThe good news is that getting back from Jana’s practices at 8:00 is entirely different than getting back at 9:00.  I might be able to start running at night (which I greatly prefer, anyway).

Since I’ve got pool league two nights a week (conveniently held on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and don’t get home until midnight, that rules out a 5am wakeup the next day.

So what’s a guy to do?  Giving up pool (my other life’s passion) is out of the question.

Time to reschedule things…again.

Let’s see…due to getting in late from pool, Wednesday and Friday early-morning practices are out, along with Tuesday/Thursday late workouts.

That leaves me Tuesday/Thursday mornings, Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights, and weekends.

It allows for some short-rest workouts, which I think are essential.  But for a rehabbing Achilles, the workouts are going to have to be mixed.

Weekends = long runs (Sat)/bikes (Sun)

Monday pm = night run

Tuesday am = swim/bike (machine)

Wednesday pm = night run

Thursday am = swim/bike (machine)

Friday = off day


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