Quick update: Still not training, Virginia Beach, surgery

2016-va-beach-finisher-medalsSo it’s been well over a month since I’ve been able to run with any regularity.  Some of that was self-imposed after the last Achilles flare-up, and some of it was imposed upon me (in the form of a military school I had to attend).

Training’s been limited to sporadic elliptical sessions and the occasional swim.  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment next week to discuss the way ahead, and whether knives – well, scalpels – will be part of my future.

I had been scheduled to run the Virginia Beach Half this past weekend, but without any actual road time built up, I felt it would have been foolish to try to churn out 13.1, so I downgraded, and ran the 5K with my daughter.  We ran slowly (like 10-11 minute miles slow), but it was enjoyable.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hermine narrowly missed Va Beach, but many stayed away, so the crowds were much smaller than normal.  I haven’t seen the final numbers, but I’d guess attendance was probably down by about 30%.  Ironically, the weather held up just fine.  72 degrees and overcast?  I’d pay money to have that weather for every race!

The good news is that I had very little soreness the following day, so going forward with some light running is part of my plan.  I still have the Army 10 Miler left on the schedule, and barring any further setbacks, I plan to give it a shot.  But if things go south again, I’ll be on the sidelines again.

I’m looking forward to getting the second opinion on surgery.  I’d still prefer to avoid going under the knife, but I’m afraid I’m just about out of options.

I’ll know more next Monday.  I’m just looking forward to a final decision being made.  I can accept surgery if I’m done for the fall and winter, but only if there is a high likelihood of the procedure being a permanent fix – I’m done with physical therapy and hoping for the best.

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