Happy ‘second opinion’ day!

achilles-treadmillI suppose it’s a little early to be happy about the results from today’s second opinion on what to do with my right Achilles.  I had set up the visit to confirm (or not) my first doc’s recommendation for surgery to lengthen it.

Coming in, I was pretty much resigned to the thought of the extension surgery, or another process (I forget the clinical name for it) which would require the doc to loosen the Achilles with a cut somewhere in my calf, and drill several tiny holes in the tendon.  The tendon would then be wrapped with a sleeve of substance (again – can’t remember the name) to promote the healing process.

Seems very much like a nuclear option to me, but given the time I’ve been dealing with it, I thought I was out of ideas.  At least that’s what I thought prior to today’s discussion.

My doc talked with me about a procedure called Tenex.  It’s a minimally-invasive option in which the surgeon uses ultrasound imaging to guide the removal of damaged tendon.  Down time is only about 2-6 weeks, and the limited internet research I’m seeing suggests an 80% success rate among those suffering tendinosis.

If true, 80% is more than enough for me to be optimistic about this treatment.  Not sure if my provider covers the procedure, though.  Here’s hoping!

If any of you has experience with this kind of procedure, please let me know how it worked out.  I’ve still got some time to make decisions!

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