Dumbest injury ever

So I’m injured again.  Like the headline says – dumbest injury ever!

I took the family snowboarding this weekend, so you’d think I got hurt in some glorious crash on the hills, right?


On Saturday, about two hours into the first of what was to be a few days of fun on the slopes, I was waiting at the midpoint of a double-blue run for my daughter to come down.  The plan was to get some video of her recently-improved skills on the board.  I took off my board, planted it firmly in the snow to the side of the run, and looked for a decent vantage point.

Just as I found a good spot, I heard a *CRUNCH*.  I looked to my left, just in time to see my board fall, and start sliding down the hill.  It was only a few feet away, so I turned to run and dive at it, before it got moving too fast and disappeared down the hill.

The view up the slope.  I lost my board just a few feet above the orange fence (which indicates the mid-slope stop).

Then it happened.  As I took the first panicked step, my foot planted and something under the snow made the stepping point uneven, and I felt my hamstring tighten up.  I felt three separate tugs.

Of course, the unexpected compounded itself.  I stumbled forward into the second step, and hit an icy patch, causing my heel to slide forward, with my body weight behind it.  OUCH!

The funniest part of all this is that I still felt like I had a chance to catch my board, and clumsily dove.  I got a fingertip on it, as it slid past me.  I hit the snow, and slid a few feet, and just looked at the board as it sped to oblivion.

I tried to straighten up, and quickly realized that both my hamstrings were likely strained, with my left one possibly being torn.

Of course, none of the kind folks up on the lift (who were now showering down helpful observations, like “you forgot something” and “runaway board”) realized what had just happened.

I regretfully retorted with some colorful language, silencing the pre-teens in the crowd.

Now I had to figure out what to do next.  Some 500 feet below, my runaway board hit a seated snowboarder’s mount.  Thankfully, it didn’t hit him directly!  I started to walk down the hill to retrieve it.  Fortunately, one of the riders on the way up let me know that a medical guy was bringing my board up to me.

So I only had to walk about 40-50 feet up the hill to meet him at the mid-slope lift stop, which was still very painful.

He dropped off the board, and asked if I was OK.  Ashamed of the whole event, I told him I was fine, and explained what happened.

After he left, I struggled to get my boots into the bindings (you never realize how much you have to stretch to do this until your hamstrings are hurt) and slowly made my way down the hill.  Oddly enough, I learned that snowboarding doesn’t actually use the hammies that much.  The only time I felt them was while making all those tiny adjustments for unexpected bumps and ice patches.  Yep – they play their part!

I spent the rest of the day in the lodge, watching football and self-medicating at the bar.  Further examination later showed only minor bruising on my left hammy, and none on my right.

Five days later, they’re still sore to the point that they’re having their effect on my other main hobby, which is billiards.  I struggled through a match on Tuesday, escaping with a win.  It took me at least four racks to find some semblance of a stance I could shoot from that didn’t cause extreme discomfort!

I’m heading out in a few minutes for tonight’s matches.  While the hammies are still sore, they feel much better than they did Tuesday.  Hopefully, tonight’s results will show the difference!

I’m hoping to get back on the treadmill/trails in about a week….

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