Archive – November 2015

11/10/15  Doctor’s appointment made.  I get to see my ortho doc in mid-December.  Still had to see my primary care, to nail down a no-run profile.  It’s a military thing – without it, I’d be required to run our physical training test.  At this point in my life, I don’t see the point of toughing it out over a chronic injury.  If I can run, I will, but I’m not hurting myself further for no particular reason.  Gotta work smarter, not harder!

11/9/15  Yeah, so swimming is getting better.  Did the same 3×250 today, and it was much better.  Instead of struggling to breath, I was able to focus more on form.  One of these days, I’m going to have to re-learn how to do the flip turn.  I generally just stand up long enough to turn around, but today just kind of spun around in the water before continuing.  At a minimum, that keeps the pressure on, instead of giving me that momentary break.  I hate the fact that all of the pools in the are only 25m long, and those that are olympic sized still set up short lanes, instead of across the full length of the pool.  Makes it tough to train for long distances, when you only have 25m between walls.

11/4/15  So, the second opinion came in yesterday – way too much pain to mess around with the Achilles this time.  Gotta shut’er down.  I guess that’s OK – I need to get my swim right anyway.  The swim this morning was abysmal, but given that I haven’t been in the pool since July, that makes sense.  3x250m swimming.  Form was the initial goal today, but it became apparent that conditioning was going to be the bigger issue.  At least I know where I stand.  Short (30 min) cycle afterwards, followed by a half mile walk to cool down.  Set the doc’s appointment for Dec 13 (first available – love the military health system).  Time to make the rehab/tri training plan for next year!

11/2/15  “So this is why you plan a day out – part II”

I *SO* should have known better.  I woke up late today, and couldn’t get my morning workout in before work.  I decided to go after work, but the day got away from me, and I didn’t have time before going home.  So I decided to hit the stationary bike in the basement before dropping Jana off at swimming.  Problem – daycare kids still running around when I got home, so no bike.

Well, the Achilles has felt really good since taking a few weeks off, so why not go for a short run?  I can avoid the bigger hills in the neighborhood, and this might be a good barometer for where I’m at, healing-wise.  Sure – what could possibly go wrong, as long as I take it easy?  So I took it easy, and did a very relaxed two miles.  Everything felt fine, until I got home.  After stretching, jumped in the shower, and changed.

After dropping Jana at swimming, I sat around Starbucks, waiting.  Two hours later, it was pickup time.  Got up to leave, and hoooooo boy – let me tell you everything was decidedly NOT OK!  I looked like a peg-legged pirate walking out of there.  So, today was my confirmation – I have no business running for at least a month and a half (again).  Tomorrow will be my second opinion.  I’ll know as soon as I wake up….