What’s on YOUR playlist?

stiller headphonesI was working on my running playlist the other day, adding a few and dropping a few from the fairly diverse list of songs.  When I was done, I took a step back and looked at the list as a whole, rather than at the individual tunes, and came to one conclusion.

It’s a bizarre list.

Some of the songs are motivational, and some would seem to be anti-running songs.  Some are super-upbeat, while the beat in the others isn’t blaring and in your face.

But that’s understandable, given that I only really use the music as a metronome to remind me to keep my turnover quick, which keeps me lighter on my feet.

If I could pick a music genre (assuming it hits my bpm requirement) to run to, it’d be rock.  It’d probably be a mix of hard rock, punk and garage rock.  I like the rawness and bravado behind it.

That said, I’ve go no issue with country or club music, either.

What’s on your playlist?