My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!

swim lanesTrying to get myself back onto a regular training schedule.  With winter being over, snowboarding will no longer dominate my weekends.  The Achilles seems to be willing, after many months off the roads.  I’ve been doing light cardio all winter, in an attempt to maintain some kind of base, and have recently made it a point to get more than one pool session in each week.

Yesterday, I ramped up the effort level a bit, pushing myself hard in a set of two 500s, with pool running and kickboard in between.  (It’s a start….)  Continue reading “My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!”

Hey – You’re doing that wrong!

elliptical failI got out of my normal Sunday routine today, mainly due to oversleeping.  I had intended to get out to the gym before running my daughter to CCD at the local military base.  I hit the gym there, instead of my normal one.  It’s a smaller gym, but the intent today was just to get some intense cardio in, so it’d do.

The gym wasn’t particularly crowded, and I was able to get on a treadmill for a quick warmup before jumping on the elliptical for a hard 45 minutes.  I really wish I could just run, but…Achilles.  😦

Things went just fine – a little stiffness from the outset, which subsided after about 10 minutes.  About five minutes later, a guy got on the machine to my left and just started flailing away.  He was going hands-free, which is all well and good, but his arms were everywhere.  He put that thing on max incline, and commenced to bouncing wildly.  It was really something to see. Continue reading “Hey – You’re doing that wrong!”