Product Review: Yurbuds Focus

yurbuds focus
Yurbuds Focus:  $28.50

I’ll open this review by saying that I’ve always had problems finding earphones (especially earbuds) that stay put while I’m running.  In fact, for many years, I had been relegated to over-the-ear models because I simply couldn’t find a model that would comfortably stay in place.  It didn’t matter what size earpiece I fitted to the buds – they were coming out one or two miles into a run.

That little problem ended with the Yurbuds Focus. Continue reading “Product Review: Yurbuds Focus”

Does music really help distance runners?

runnin-benMany  runners won’t hit the road without their headphones on, with a specially-chosen playlist for running.  For them, it’s an essential part of their gear.  That said, others dismiss running music as a “crutch” that shouldn’t be used.  “Enjoy the scenery,” they say.  “Be part of the community” instead of isolating yourself behind noise-cancelling earbuds. Continue reading “Does music really help distance runners?”