Motivation Monday!


Age is relentless, and will eventually win.

My plan is to put as much distance between me and him as I can each day.  That means taking care of myself and living well.  I will use every ounce of energy I have down the home stretch to keep it at bay.  And I will have a lot stored up when the time comes.

One day age will win.  But today is *NOT* that day!


A pre-New Year’s rededication

…with all due respect to Long Limbs Lenore (of Forrest Gump fame), I don’t believe in New Year’s Eve, as far as it being a chance at renewal.  We have that chance each and every day, and all we have to do is step across the line and get moving.

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions?  They’re really kind of silly, when you get down to it.

“Don’t you just love New Year’s?  Everybody gets a second chance!”

We look back on a year coming to its close, focus on those things we didn’t do, or didn’t do well enough, and resolve to fix them.  We focus on the negative, with the intent of fixing it, and because a new year is dawning, we rally around the symbol of renewal to start over.  We focus on things we’ve neglected, and out of guilt, shame, or whatever reason we choose, WE RESOLVE to do whatever it is that we should have been doing all along. Continue reading “A pre-New Year’s rededication”

P R – the two letters that make us all smile

PRIt doesn’t matter if the improvement is a second, a minute or ten minutes.  Those two letters reflect the work you’ve put in.

It’s not a measure of you against the other guy – it’s a measure of you against yourself, and the clock is the only audience that matters.

Just remember to reset those PRs about once every ten years, or you’ll be chasing ghosts!




What’re you gonna do?


We all have had them – the bumps in the road that leave us wondering what to do and where to go from here.

Those things – the injuries, the relapses, the periods where we lose focus and pay the price – shouldn’t define us.  Not if we look ourselves in the mirror,  re-evaluate, and do what it takes to overcome them.

You’ll never lose as long as you keep competing!

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