Starting to feel like a runner again

IMG_1481Funny what a few short runs can do for your psyche.  A few short weeks ago, I was wondering if it was unrealistic to expect to do a few races this summer and fall.

Just a few short post-rehab runs, and I’m feeling great. Continue reading “Starting to feel like a runner again”

My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!

swim lanesTrying to get myself back onto a regular training schedule.  With winter being over, snowboarding will no longer dominate my weekends.  The Achilles seems to be willing, after many months off the roads.  I’ve been doing light cardio all winter, in an attempt to maintain some kind of base, and have recently made it a point to get more than one pool session in each week.

Yesterday, I ramped up the effort level a bit, pushing myself hard in a set of two 500s, with pool running and kickboard in between.  (It’s a start….)  Continue reading “My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!”