tri pic
Finishing the 2015 Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon

This blog was a result of my dealing with chronic Achilles tendinopathy.  The issue first popped up in 2012.  At first, I thought this would pass quickly.  In fact, I was able to run on it for over a year, completing a pretty successful marathon (my first – 3:39).  After that, I decided to ramp up my training and start getting some “real” times.  That’s when the problems intensified.

Four years and several procedures later, I’m not sure this will ever clear up.  So far, every time I felt like I was turning a corner in my rehab, I faced another setback.  There have been times I never thought I’d be healthy enough to run on a regular basis again.

But the setbacks have yielded some good.  The extra down time has forced me to expand my training to include cycling and swimming, which led me to dabble in triathlon, which has been a great experience.

I put together this blog in the hopes of sharing my journey back to health and competitiveness.  I’m still facing the issue, but I still have hope.  With a little luck and a lot of stretching and strengthening, I’m hoping to return to good physical health to enjoy training, enduring and improving.

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