Starting to feel like a runner again

IMG_1481Funny what a few short runs can do for your psyche.  A few short weeks ago, I was wondering if it was unrealistic to expect to do a few races this summer and fall.

Just a few short post-rehab runs, and I’m feeling great.    More importantly, the Achilles is doing well.  No doubt it’s still stiff in the mornings, but after those first few steps, it’s almost as if nothing had happened in the first place.

I hit the treadmill today after a medium-intensity 500/500/300 set in the pool.  The workout started in the far lane, alongside a swim aerobics class, so the pool was a little wavy, which is fine.  What wasn’t fine was the pool temperature.  I don’t know the actual temp, but the water was WARM – warm to the point of being uncomfortable toward the end of the set.

From there, I jumped onto the treadmill and walked a half mile to loosen up.  I hate having to do that, but I’m not going back to the doc (April 14) and having to report I re-injured myself.

No way – not this time.  Discipline!

I started off at an 8:20 clip for the first mile, before picking up the pace to 8:00 for the next half mile, and 7:45 for the last half.  That definitely got the heart pumping a bit, but I was grinning like a maniac when it was over.

No adverse reaction from the Achilles, no tightness at any point.  That’s really good news for me, as my typical long distance (half marathon) race pace is right around 8:00.

I normally wouldn’t push things like this just after a semi-successful procedure/rehab, but I had to know.  The plan for April is to cautiously ramp up to about 5-6 miles, and to be able to do it around an 8:15 pace.  If I can do that, I’ll be guardedly optimistic about the rest of the summer.

The goal is to get through the season, hitting the key events I’ve got planned, and to be able to get into the late fall/early winter without having to shut it down.  If I can do that, I might be looking for a partner to split The Wall 2017.

Plan, persist, prevail!

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