My shoulders are wrecked today, and it’s great!

swim lanesTrying to get myself back onto a regular training schedule.  With winter being over, snowboarding will no longer dominate my weekends.  The Achilles seems to be willing, after many months off the roads.  I’ve been doing light cardio all winter, in an attempt to maintain some kind of base, and have recently made it a point to get more than one pool session in each week.

Yesterday, I ramped up the effort level a bit, pushing myself hard in a set of two 500s, with pool running and kickboard in between.  (It’s a start….)  The first one felt great, and the second one, not so much.  I’m not even at the point where I’m going to look at the clock or worry about sighting drills.  If I had to guess, I’d guess the first 500 was around 8:00, with the second being around 8:30.  I can live with that…for now.  Followed it up with some light weights, legs and abs.  Going forward, lower legs will be a focus for strengthening.

So yeah, the shoulders are letting me know they’re there today.  And that’s just fine.  They’ll hear from me again on Wednesday!  We’re gonna get that swim stronger, together!

Today was cardio day in the gym.  Half hour cycling followed directly by half hour on the elliptical, both with medium resistance and high intensity.  Felt great to sweat profusely!

Just a few more weeks until I can run again…can’t wait!  😎

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